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Ash Shaikh Abdullah Al Makhdub, Al Wadi, Riyadh 13313, Saudi Arabia

Phone : 📞 +9777
Postal code : 13313
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Ash Shaikh Abdullah Al Makhdub, Al Wadi, Riyadh 13313, Saudi Arabia
Cute _sherrybutt Westlife on Google

The school is amazing! Very organized and highly qualified staff and take good care of kids. My daughters improved a lot
It's Lovely on Google

Worst school ever they treat you like garbage and the teachers barely know any english like go get better teachers first that can actually teach thank god i graduated also one time some girl chocked me and i passed out at the school 4 teachers were watching and nobody cared i went to tell her supervisor but she didnt do anything THIS SCHOOL IS A WASTE OF MONEY DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE
Raheel Ahmed Chughtai on Google

Our kids were studying here for 6 years, we wanted to transfer them to another school due the needed change of British curriculum as American is not well accepted in our home country. Though our kids took classes only a week or so in sep 2021, the school took the whole fee of first semester 2021 as a condition to allow transfer, we understand they can take the fee for the duration of their services that we took but taking fee for the full semester that our kids didn’t study is unfair and unjustified to parents.
Munna Dhabak on Google

One of the international school in al wadi , offer an American curriculum with English as the language but all teachers are from Egypt, Lebanon, and Saudi, they don't have good English. School have separate boys and girl section. The school have Very small parking area.
Samra Khan on Google

My son is in kg and the worst part is altough school is english medium and has American curriculum the authorities are least bothered to prefer english as main language everything is in arabic for foreign parents like us its very hard to understand the msgs/ the calendars they provide and there is no information about when theres is a holiday and when does another semester starts! No Electronic generated messages,no curriculums provided to kids absolutely no Information if theres a holiday i came to know by dropping my kids school in the morning! Even after complaint there has no action taken!
Hiba Elobeid on Google

teachers here barely know how to teach and have serious anger issues, they don’t really care if their students don’t understand what they’re teaching and only care about reading what’s there in the book or the ppt and then they call it a day. They’re are so irresponsible when it comes to watching and knowing what’s going on with their own students who could go missing and they’d be so clueless. Observers and supervisors are not understanding, and all they do is yell at students for no reason. I feel trapped most of the time because of the glass doors they recently put everywhere and they keep locking them, they don’t allow us to go anywhere, not even to check up on our siblings. It’s really dirty here and they keep swearing they clean 3 times a day. The dusty floors would crack as we walk on them. they basically treat us badly and act like this is their house. No matter what, if u ever think about going to this school, run <3
Rat Queen on Google

The computer lab doesn't have working computers and the science lab has framed dead animals like for example dead birds, dead frogs, dead bats etc. And the place is so infested with bugs. When students come to complain about something serious that someone has done to them they silence both parties and don't care who's wrong or who's right and try to falsely accuse the victim. Not to mention they don't try to solve any issues that the school has, the bathrooms don't work well and the workers aren't given proper equipment to do their job so they clean the whole school by hand, keep in mind going to this school isn't cheap and their prices keep on going higher and they make students buy new uniforms, just in general this school doesn't do any good with the money they're given.
Master Only on Google

The boys section is very bad the chairs and tables are broken the 10% of the teachers are good and explain well the 90% are awful the projectors are very old most of them are broken or have a bad noise the air conditioners of the of the playground are broken the only good thing in the school is the Academic principal mr. Rafee I don’t advice Anyone to lose his money on this bad school there is more bad things

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